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Selected Clients:
NYRR (NY Road Runners), Verizon, Teradata


2023 - Present
2022 - 2023
TCS Interactive

Developing a new feature to help users interact through sending notifications

oVice is a SaaS Startup in virtual workplace 📍 Korea & Japan

Product Designer

Jun Ho Kim (Designer)
Alison Ng (Product)
+2 Engineers
Nov 2022 - Jan 2023


Although there are multiple ways that users can start a conversation with someone, we still get some feedback on requests for a new feature because of the following reason:

Surprised by the sudden voice from others when the user is focusing on somethingNot able to notice that someone is trying to start a conversation if just a sound notificationFeel awkward/being ignored when the user turns on their mic and talks but no one responds so want to confirm if the target user is here or not first


Provide a way for the user to get someone’s attention and also act as a way to confirm if the user is available or not.


  1. User triggers the feature by double-clicking on the avatar of the target user
  2. User can use the feature if the user is inside the black range of the target user
  3. A toast message will be displayed on the sender side indicating that 👋🏻 is sent
  4. A 👋🏻 emoji is sent to the target user (only the target user will see it)
  5. Target users get the OS notification display with sound if the oVice tab is inactive


Pushback from employees

While the CEO's vision and prototype showed promise, it failed to fully address the issue raised by users. Convincing arguments were needed to shift the focus towards investigating the problem more deeply rather than proceeding with the premature version.


Quest from the games

We drew inspiration from popular games of our generation and observed their approach to handling notifications and actions. These games typically featured an action button to initiate conversations, whether by clicking on non-playable characters (NPCs) or using a button on the keypad.


Inspiration into action

While exploring opportunities for implementing this feature, it became apparent and intuitive to incorporate it into the existing popup that already housed actionable features like call and chat. 

From my own experience, I’ve come to recognize the significance of integrating user research, which is pivotal not just for enhancing product quality but also for strengthening team cohesion. During the course of a project spanning over a couple of weeks, I felt siloed and pressured. Additionally, I encountered difficulties in voicing my opinions against the CEO. However, through open communications and having confidence, it helped to alleviate the design process and gained trust by the team. It was also a valuable learning curve to work within a short timeline and a small team, which required me to take ownership of my project. Nevertheless, by consistently disseminating research findings to the team, I observed a sense of pride among them, fueled by the affirmation of the users.