01 Design System
02 Reactions Menu
03 Shoulder Tap
04 Verizon Console
05 NYRR Marathon App

Selected Clients:
NYRR (NY Road Runners), Verizon, Teradata


2023 - Present
2022 - 2023
TCS Interactive
01 Design System

oVice Inc. offers virtual office spaces to enhance remote collaboration, mimicking physical offices to boost team engagement and productivity. This case study focuses on redesigning their design system to improve user experience and visual consistency.


02 Reactions Menu 

Innovative ways for users to communicate, introducing new interactive features that enhance engagement and expression within the platform. This redesign aims to provide more dynamic and intuitive options for user interaction.

03 Shoulder Tap

Introduce a feature allowing users to engage in conversation and collaborate by triggering a virtual shoulder tap. This enhancement aims to facilitate spontaneous interactions and improve team communication within the platform.

04 Verizon Console
Internal auditing tool designed for the Customer Service and Engineering teams. This tool helps troubleshoot channel playback issues, streamlining the process of identifying and resolving technical problems. The team's efforts improved the user experience, enabling these teams to solve issues more efficiently.

05 New York Road Runner Marathon App

End-to-end marathon app that unites all marathon events in New York into a single platform. This streamlined approach enhances the runner community's experience by providing comprehensive features and resources for all marathon participants in one cohesive app. Additionally, it allows friends and families to track runners, offering support and engagement throughout the events.