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Selected Clients:
NYRR (NY Road Runners), Verizon, Teradata


2023 - Present
2022 - 2023
TCS Interactive

Enhancing communication through emoji reactions in a virtual office environment

oVice is a SaaS Startup in virtual workplace 📍 Korea & Japan

Product Designer

Jun Ho Kim (Designer)
Alison Ng (Product)
+2 Engineers
Nov 2022 - Jan 2023


In virtual offices, effective communication is supported, but there's a risk of misunderstandings leading to lost meaning.


Delivering an optimized communication experience designed specifically for our platform.

Expand the variety of reaction options
Improve the visibility of interactive features.

To achieve this, market research was conducted, revealing an opportunity to assist users in swiftly extracting information from interactive elements.


Introduce a reactions menu that facilitates users in expressing emotions more effortlessly, enhancing their ability to connect in conversations.


Potential gamification of the feature

The initial design was inspired by popular video games like Grand Theft Auto and The Last of Us gamifies the reaction menu to enhance user experience and boost motivation and engagement.


Inspiration into action

Derived from observations gleaned from user research, the radial menu emerged as a popular recommendation, particularly due to the prevalence of feedback from Japan, where gamification is extensively integrated into daily activities.


Pushback from engineers

The radial design appeared impractical for virtual office environments such as oVice. This layout consumes a considerable portion of screen space, potentially obstructing the visibility of other users within the vicinity.


Adjustments from new inspiration and insights derived from user testing.

A new inspiration arose from the proximate MacBook iOS dock system. Given that oVice already featured an operational dock menu handling the majority of actions, integrating it seemed intuitive.

During user testing, it was expressed that users anticipated finding it within the dock menu as they initially acquainted themselves with the product.

Final Design

From my own experience, I’ve come to recognize the significance of integrating user research, which is pivotal not just for enhancing product quality but also for strengthening team cohesion. During the course of a project spamming over couple of months, I felt siloed and pressured. Nevertheless, by consistenetly disseminating research findings to the team, I observed a sense of pride among them, fueled by the affirmation of the users. This practice helped alleviate ambiguity, empowering team members with clear insights into areas for improvement gleaned directly from user feedback.